Frequently Asked Questions


What is grading and why should I have my lot graded?

Grading is the preparation of dirt and soil levels in your lot for construction. One main reason to have your lot graded is if you plan to build on unlevelled ground. You will need to make a cut in your grade or lot to even the ground for construction. You may also need to use fill dirt to level an area for construction.

Grading a lot will also guarantee that your site will have proper drainage and water will flow away from your new structure.


How to control erosion?

One way is to make sure you examine your site carefully before building, paying close attention to slope, drainage patterns, and soil types. Another way is to preserve existing vegetation as much as possible for the areas under construction.


How can the customer save money when developing land?

You can do this by burning brush in a control pile or pit burning when burning is allowed and you have a permit to do so. Another way is to grind brush on very large sites.



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